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Hello everyone,

Thanks for Visiting UPTU Khabar.

UPTU Khabar is a blog / website which serves useful to UPTU students (MTU and GBTU).  This blogs provides useful and most accurate information about both the universities of UPTU (MTU and GBTU).

We are a privately operated portal, and is not related to university in any way. But we try our best to provide most authentic and accurate information.

We also provide other resources to University students like Examination notes, previous year question papers, Exam tips and tricks.


We act as communication platform for students of various colleges. Students may communicate among themselves through our commenting system enabled in this blog. We also provides students an opportunity to submit their notes, question papers and get featured on UPTU Khabar.


With the aim to be best in our services, we are trying to improve our site regularly. If you have any suggestion for us. You are most welcome to give us any suggestion.


Note:  UPTU Khabar is a part of Blogging Network, Khabar Villa Network. Khabar Villa network runs various blogs that provides information. We are the same people who runs MTU Khabar (www.mtukhabar.in).

4 comment(s) on “About Us

  • good UI . but still filled up with lots of advertisements

  • Very nice design !! a fab change and this new look is fantastic….
    its beautiful, its simple and its useful !!!
    simply great !!! (y) :)

  • Only JUST a SUGGESTION related to this new design.:
    # It may look or may be actually more useful if you highlight the “News Section” Option on the main page of uptukhabar.com and it would be even better if this “News Section” option is highlighted and placed exactly at the center apart from other options, after all UPTU Khabar is all about NEWS (Khabar) :)
    when i surfed the site, i found All the options like- HELP Section, Ambassadors, Contact Us, Services, About Us, “Advertise with us” etc… But the main option (Khabar or News), it was somewhere at the Top under the “Notification” Option, which i noticed at the last !
    :) Rest its GREAT !!!
    Please Take it as a SUGGESTION ONLY !!! :)

  • fantastic Design Update….!!!!

    Again, i just noticed the changes made in the design of UPTU Khabar…
    well done this time!
    The new way to share a post at various social networks is very interesting …
    A new way of displaying content and again the previous plain blue background on the main page !!!!
    its vry nyc!! :)

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