MTU Carryover Exam Datesheet / schedule (Odd sem 2012-13)

Hello students,

This is the official notice from university’s site regarding the carry over exams of odd semester. The university has declared the tentative schedule of carry over exams.

Well it is well known that university kept extending the dates of filling the feedback and carryover paper form and according to the last update, forms could be filled upto 2nd March 2013. Hope everyone of you have filled the form. The biggest confusion among the students was related to the schedule of the carry over papers. Now the university has released its tentative datesheet of carryover exams(except for M.pharm) and it can be verified
The carryover papers will begin from 17th of march ( if the university does not change its schedule) for all the courses except M.pharm The examination shall be conducted every saturday and sunday and will continue upto the mid of May. The students are adivised to get the datesheet by clicking here.from university’s official site.

Download Carryover examination datesheet from here : MTU Carryover examination datesheet / schedule 2012-13

Although there was much conflict between the students regarding whether the exams should be conducted in this format or not, but since it is final now so everyone must start the preparation now. The experts advise that students should not try to mug up all the units since there is not much time left plus sessional exam are also going on, so they must concentrate o

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n the units easiest for them. A PROPER preparation of  3 to 4 units can also help them clear their back paper but those who expect to gain nice marks should definitely study whole syllabus.

So this update from university’s side must have cleared the ambiguity and anxiety of the students and now everyone must start the preparation. Do let us know if you have any query, question or doubts Post your comments below or message us on our facebook page.


Click here for the carryover schedule.
Kindly note that this schedule is tentative and this might be changed but most expectedly, this is the final draft.


Thanks and regards,

Abhishek Sharma



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