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The results of MTU odd semester exams have been declared and many of you have done very well but few have got the Back, unfortunately. So from the university’s end, they are trying to make the carry-over exam process simpler for you by implementing sunday to sunday carryover exams.

As you all know, earlier, the carry over exams of odd semester exams used to be held after the even semester examination. That policy of MTU was not liked by most of the students as during the transition of many months, they almost get out of touch with the subject so the preparation of the subject becomes little tougher and in fact, vacations also get spoiled.

So, now university has decided to provide a fair chance to the students by organizing carry-over exams on sundays. University has declared that the carry over forms for odd semester exam has to be submitted to the university by 24th of February, 2013. This directly means that the forms need to be filled before 24th Feb. So kindly contact your college for information regarding the forms.

According to sources, the examination will be held from 3rd of March. Prof. J. P. Pandey says that the classes for the students who have to give the carry over paper will start from 25th of February. Although this news is according to the sources, yet the university has declared and given notification regarding the forms on its official website.

The final decision regarding the carry over papers, its schedule, format and result of those whose marks have not been updated etc. will be taken in the meeting to be organized on 18th February. But it is final now that the exams will be conducted before the even semester and will be organized very soon. The forms need to be filled as soon as possible and ask the college authority to help you.

Though this decision has brought smile to many faces, yet there are many who are disappointed as they feel it is difficult for them to study for the running semester as well as previous semester. Definitely there are pros and cons of this decision but it is equally true that it will be simpler to study now as there are many things regarding the subject in the mind which will start getting washed off with time if not revised and updated sooner.

Let us know what you feel about this decision or comment below or message us on our page if you have any query. Keep studying well.
All the best.

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